Little Lemon

Little Lemon Sardines Soy Wax Melts

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It’s ofishal 🐟 new wax melts are here!

So say glub glub to our new wax melt sardines 🫧 made with soy wax and our fragrance blends, these fishy friends come in 3 scents:

🍃 sage + smoke: a bit musky and earthy. If you liked our palo santo blend a few falls ago you will love this!

🍦berry dreamsicle: a fruity blend of black cherry, raspberry + strawberry with a bit of sugar + vanilla.

🌹sandalwood + rose water: smells like a garden right
After it rains. This blend has sandalwood, rose water + green leaves.

includes 5 wax melt sardines 

ingredients: soy wax, fragrance oil

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