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Linen Wet Bag - Marley’s Monsters

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Wet bags keep cleaning cloths, soiled clothes, etc. away from other laundry until wash day! 

The 9" side strap snaps to itself, making it hangable.
A waterproof white PUL interior lining protects from moisture leaking out.  
Dimensions are approximately 15.5" x 12"

Care: Machine wash warm with like colors. Dry in dryer.

Sustainable Swap

Use to hold wet textiles instead of a plastic bag.

How to Use

Use our wet bags to store cloth diapering necessities, dirty clothes while traveling, used UNpaper® Towels in the kitchen, produce, wet swimwear, breast pump parts, or anything else you might use a plastic bag for.


Linen, with waterproof PUL interior lining.

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