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Eco Collective The Alum Stone Crystal Deodorant


How To:

The crystal deodorant our customers are raving about! Made of mineral salt, the alum stone stops odor-producing bacteria from forming, making it a safe, simple and effective natural deodorant. With daily use, it will last you about five years.

The stone can also be used as an aftershave or a facial toner because of its natural toning and astringent properties. It's great for your skin and can even stop bleeding from minor cuts. Try using it to tighten and tone, soften fine lines, brighten dark spots or ward off acne - It's the ultimate minimalist skincare item!

Each stone with an organic cotton travel pouch to protect it and keep it dry when on-the-go. If you already have an alums stone, you can purchase an individual travel pouch here.

Safe for sensitive skin. Goes on clear.

End of Life: 

Each alum stone crystal deodorant will last up to 5 years. Once it becomes a small stone you can sand it down to a powder (it’s a very soft crystal), add water, put it in a spray bottle and use the rest as a liquid spray crystal deodorant - very zero waste!

Organic cotton drawstring bag can be textile recycled or repurposed.

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