Vegan Floss

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Sustainable Swap: Replaces floss sold in plastic packaging. 

Bamboo Charcoal Floss Composition: 80% bamboo fiber, 20% nylon. The container is glass with a metal lid and completely reusable and recyclable. Coated with vegan plant wax, no silk or beeswax. 

Glass container: Comes with one glass and metal container in a compostable box. Save your container and reuse it for refills. 33 yards of floss are included.

Refills: Refills come in a recyclable or compostable kraft paper box. 2 refill spools (33 yards each, 66 yards total) come in each box.

End of Life: Reuse, refill, recycle or return the glass container to Dharma + Dwell. Recycle the box and floss.