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"Bliss" Botanical Bath Brew (1 oz.)


Bliss: pure happiness; great joy

Upgrade your self care routine with this Bath Brew!

- Hibiscus: encourages cell turnover and breaks down dead skin cells - thus resulting in a healthier, smoother complexion.

- Rose buds: aids in reducing anxiety, acts as a natural body detox agents, and promotes adequate sleep.

- Lavender: in addition to adding a sweet, therapeutic, and calming fragrance to your bath, lavender is also known for reducing stress, inflammation, and any form of pain.

Sustainable Swap

By purchasing bath brew in a refillable container, you are minimizing your single-use plastic waste consumption and helping to promote a more circular economy.

How to Use

Add 2oz of Bliss to the cloth bag and place in warm bath water to soak.


Himalayan pink salt with dried hibiscus, rose, and lavender.

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