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Bowl Wrap - Single


If you want to be a sustainable warrior, you can multi-task and use the wrap as a napkin, simultaneously. Made of 100% cotton the more you wash them, the more treasured they become. Comes in a set of two. Machine wash, gentle in cold water. No chlorine bleach or fabric softener, tumble dry low, cool iron. Packaging: recyclable paper product wrap.

Sustainable Swap
Protects your hands when warming hot liquids like soup or chili and keeps your hands cozy when eating a cold bowl of ice cream. End of life: Recyclable as a textile.

How to Use
Place a microwave-safe bowl (filled with food) in the cozy. Put the cozy with the jowl into the microwave. Reheat food up to 2 minutes in the microwave.

Linen exterior and cotton interior batting.

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