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Ceramic Neti Pot


The use of a neti pot is a traditional component of the Ayurvedic daily routine. It is the process of cleaning the nasal passageways. This process ensures healthy nasal passages by removing excess mucous. Neti also enhances the proper absorption of breath, or prana, & can reduce respiratory allergies.

Sustainable Swap
Replaces plastic neti pots.

How to Use
1. Mix warm, salt water solution inside neti pot. Begin with ¼ tsp of salt per ½ cup of water.
2. Place the tip of the pot’s spout in one nostril.
3. As you tip the pot, the solution enters the nasal passage and flows in one nostril and out the other. It is important to keep the mouth open and the head tilted.
4. Mix more solution and repeat for other nostrils.

This product is made from lead-free ceramic and is dishwasher safe.

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