LEKKO Life Goods

Linen Cutlery Wrap


Let's replace those disposable plastic forks, knives, and spoons with ones that are durable and reusable. It's all part of living life lightly, the mission behind the LEKKO life goods brand.

3 utensil slots, intended for a fork, spoon, and knife, but reusable straws and chopsticks are also welcome! Approximate size: 9 1/4 " L x 5 5/8" W. Ties with cotton braided, flat ribbon. Comes without utensils (choose your favorite metal or bamboo ones to slide in!). Machine wash cold, air dry flat. 

Sustainable Swap
This cutlery wrap will keep your utensils clean and ready to go for your dinner party, packed lunch, takeout meal, or picnic outing.

How to Use
Place up to three utensils in the utensil slots, roll the wrap up, and tie shut with the cotton ribbon.


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