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Eco Collective Reusable Eye Masks


How To:

Introducing a reusable under-eye mask! Designed to reduce waste and elevate your skincare routine. Infinitely reusable, and made with 100% medical grade silicone. Pair them with any eye cream, serum or moisturizer to lock in hydration, plump and depuff.

Unlike regular sheet masks, these are made with nonabsorbent silicone which seals your skincare treatments and lets them soak deeper into the skin. They maximize the benefits of your favorite eye creams leaving your skin looking fresh, radiant and moisturized.

After each use, simply wash and return them to their storage tin so you can use them again and again!

End of Life: 

With proper care, your reusable eye mask will last forever. But if disposing is required, the best thing to do with medical grade silicone is to burn it! Medical grade silicone comes from silica, which is found in sand. Silicone is made through a chemical process but from natural materials, so the ash left behind isn’t harmful to the environment. 

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