Furniture Dusting Spray (1 oz.)

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Sustainable Swap: This all-natural formula is great for everyday cleaning, dusting and moisturizing of wood, laminate, and other durable surfaces.  It is made with a rich combination of natural soap and oils, so it will clean as well as moisturize dry wood. The refillable glass spray bottle allows you to eliminate single-use plastic cleaning bottles.

This product is one of our "bulk" items to help reduce unnecessary packaging - meaning, you can purchase this item in one of our refillable jars or by refilling up your own container when shopping in-person. You are purchasing this item by the ounce.

NOTE: When purchased online, this product will need to be purchased with one of Dharma + Dwell's reusable bottles or if you already have your own container at home to refill, will will put it in a recycled container for delivery. You can return the recycled container to Dharma + Dwell during your next visit or during our next delivery.

We recommend purchasing 8 oz.

Directions: Simply spray on and wipe with a dry cloth, just as you would use Pledge or Endust or other commercial brands.  Also works well to clean and moisturize leather and car interiors.  Please test in an inconspicuous area to test for material compatibility. 

Ingredients: Handmade liquid soap, sunflower oil, olive oil, grain-derived ethyl alcohol, lemon essential oil.
End of Life: Reuse, refill or return the bottle to Dharma + Dwell.