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Large Coconut Kitchen & Cleaning Brush

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Sustainable Swap: This wooden brush replaces plastic handled kitchen and cleaning brushes made with plastic/synthetic bristles.

This large pot/multipurpose long-handled brush is made from reclaimed teak wood and recycled coconut husks. The wood is sealed with non toxic sealant to extend its life by reducing mold, mildew and decay, making them water and weather resistant. Coconut fibers (bristles) are resistant to oil and grease, and naturally inhibit bacteria growth. This brush is also non-scratch and safe for use with cast iron, stainless steel cookware, dishes/plates/bows or sinks.

The brush heads are replaceable. This means that you can effortlessly prolong its lifespan by just replacing the head instead of the entire brush.

Size: 12.5" length x 2.5" width

End of Life: Compost (click here for information on St. Louis City residential composting) or return to Dharma + Dwell.