LEKKO Life Goods

Linen Bowl Cover Trio


Perfect for storing leftovers, transporting snacks, and allowing for dough to safely rise. The LEKKO bowl covers are reversible, showing either the natural cotton side or the linen side. Each order comes as a set of 3 different bowl cover sizes which work for a range of bowl widths, thanks to the elastic closure. It's the perfect addition to the zero waste kitchen or makes for a beautiful host gift.

Set of 3 sizes covering a range of vessels, from 4" in diameter to 11". Reversible design, machine wash cold and air dry.

Sustainable Swap
Avoid using cling wrap and start covering your bowls with reusable linen + cotton reversible bowl covers!

How to Use
Place on top of bowls to cover leftovers.

Two reversible sides: one natural cotton and the other linen.

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