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Reusable Organic Cotton Coffee Filter - The Conscious Cloth

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Sustainable Swap: In addition to reducing waste and helping our planet, your daily cup of coffee will taste incredibly smooth with our Unbleached Organic Cotton Coffee Filter by The Conscious Cloth. You'll never touch disposable or metal baskets again. Plus, the filters make it incredibly easy to transport grounds to your compost container, rinse the filter, and brew another batch of coffee.

Each reusable filter is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin and is serged for a professional and durable finish. Wonderful for every sustainable home, and a beautiful gift for newlyweds or housewarming.

Our reusable coffee filter is technically a cone-shaped filter and sits easily in cone or basket coffee makers (sample photo is in basket maker), is perfect for machine or pour-over coffee, and is easy to remove and care for. We prefer this over a circular style typically used for baskets, which is a bit messier to get out. The filter is based on Size #4, which fits 8-12 cup makers. However, the cloth easily folds down to accommodate a variety of sizes.

Care Instructions:

Boil water and place your filter(s) in before the first use to sterilize and reduce any foreign fibers from the sewing process. Hang dry, and you're ready to brew! No need to boil between every use (a good, warm rinse will do the trick!). After use, it helps to hand wash soon after using to reduce staining. Coffee will add natural staining (which some love!). I'd recommend washing only with water (no detergent/soap) to eliminate the chance that you may not wash out all soap and could taste it in your fresh brew. Care, then, is simple: wash with water and hang/lay to dry (machine tumble if desired)!

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