10 Sustainable Game-day Swaps

1. Reusable Partyware:
   - Instead of disposable plates and cups, opt for reusable plates, glasses, and utensils. This reduces single-use waste and adds a touch of sustainability to your Super Bowl gathering!
2. Eco-Friendly Decorations:
   - Choose decorations made from sustainable materials or opt for reusable items that can be used for future events. Avoid single-use, plastic-based decorations.
3. Plant-Based Snacks:
   - Introduce a variety of plant-based snacks and appetizers into your menu. From veggie platters to plant-based sliders, offer options that are delicious and have a lower environmental impact.
4. Locally Sourced Ingredients:
   - Whenever possible, choose locally sourced ingredients for your recipes. This supports local farmers and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation.
5. Reusable Snack Bags:
   - Instead of using disposable plastic bags for snacks, consider using reusable snack bags. These are not only eco-friendly but also convenient for storing and transporting various treats.
 6. Compostable Tableware:
   - If you prefer disposable options, go for compostable plates, cups, and utensils. These break down naturally, minimizing the environmental impact.
7. Energy-Efficient Game Watching:
   - Turn off unnecessary lights and electronics when watching the game. Opt for energy-efficient LED bulbs and consider hosting a game-watching party during daylight hours to reduce energy consumption.
8. Recycling Station:
    - Set up a designated recycling station for cans, bottles, and other recyclables. Encourage guests to be mindful of what they toss, promoting recycling and reducing landfill waste.
9. Zero-Waste Snack Bar:
    - Create a zero-waste snack bar by offering bulk snacks in reusable containers. Guests can fill their plates with their favorite treats without generating additional packaging waste.
10. Cloth Napkins:
    - Swap paper napkins for cloth napkins. They are not only more elegant but also reusable, reducing the amount of paper waste associated with the event.

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