In December of 2018, I was standing in the shower, using the last of my conditioner. I then looked around and saw several other nearly- empty bottles. With the empty conditioner bottle in my hand, two things came to mind - number one, how is it that I used this product every day without knowing the ingredients and number two, why is seemingly everything packaged in plastic?

Wrapped in a towel, I sat on the edge of my bed and texted a group of my closest friends, asking "if you had someone helping you make more conscious decisions when it came to purchasing products, would you consume differently?" At the time, I was not aware of Zero Waste or Sustainable Living - and what I was actually looking for was a way to help myself and others make ethically, socially, and environmentally-friendly decisions. I spent the next several weeks researching and reading about consumerism - in fact, I titled my first concept, "The Conscious Consumer."

Dharma + Dwell in Webster Groves, MO

Fast forward a few months, and my curiosity only continued to grow. And instead of consumerism, I was reading about sustainability. Frightened by the accelerating pace of climate change, the amount of waste in our oceans, and the fires in the Amazon rainforest, I quickly realized that the sustainability of our planet relied on people such as myself - making conscious decisions, every day.

From there, I created Dharma + Dwell, a lifestyle pop-up and refill shop offering everyday essentials for sustainable living.

Dharma + Dwell in Webster Groves, MO

In November 2020, Dharma + Dwell opened as a brick and mortar in Webster Groves, MO. Making low-impact living easily accessible and convenient, we offer eco-friendly, package-free and responsibly sourced home goods and beauty products. In our shop, you can expect to find items ranging from wooden brushes to reusable bags, as well as bulk items for personal care such as liquid shampoo and conditioner and cleaning solutions sold by the ounce. You can even find a curated collection of vintage goods from Mayfield Vintage.

However, I hope that Dharma + Dwell becomes more than just a conscious living store for you, and instead serves as the starting point for change - a catalyst for your new journey of living sustainably and evoking community action in St. Louis.  

Dharma + Dwell Logo Mark