The Bidet & Every Reason You Should Have One

“I bought us something!” — famous words from Kohl

A bidet, Kohl bought us a bidet. Well, a non-electric bidet attachment for a very reasonable $30. At first I laughed, and then as I always do, I Googled. And here is what I found…it takes over 30 gallons of water to produce ONE roll of toilet paper, ONE. The United States uses more toilet paper annually than any other country — averaging 3 rolls per person each week. Switching to a bidet could help save 15 million trees. While I wasn’t completely surprised [sad, yes, but not surprised] about the amount of water and trees used to produce toilet paper, I was totally shook by the amount of bleach — 250,000 tonnes of chlorine is used annually to bleach toilet paper. Toilet paper is bleached for two purposes — aesthetics and comfort. This took me down such a rabbit hole, is toilet paper toxic? Is toilet paper polluting the water? I will spare you all of the details in this post — but if you are interested, here is a quick article on all things toilet paper, brands you should absolutely not buy and those that are recommended. Back to the bidet — we love it. We have only had to purchase toilet paper twice in the last year — both times for out of town guests. You might be wondering what the heck we wipe our bum with then, right? We use super soft organic bamboo cloths. I couldn’t find the exact brand we use, so I included some others that seemed nice. We keep them rolled up in a little container above our toilet. Word of advice, ensure your friends know the purpose. of your cloths. My best friend and her significant other were in town for a wedding the night before. The next morning, he mentioned that he had a headache and so he wet a washcloth for his forehead and he couldn’t believe how soft it was. You can probably imagine the look on our faces as we all realized he had used our bidet clothes on his face — laughing as I type this. Not only is a bidet [or attachment] an eco-friendly and sustainable option, it is hygienic too — especially for women. I might be going too far here, but let’s think about this for a second. Would you wash your dishes with a dry paper towel? So, when it comes to the most sensitive part of our body, why should we settle for less?



Tushy Classic Bidet Attachment

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