Dharma + Dwell

Cleaning Vinegar - Prefilled 16oz


This Organic White Cleaning Vinegar made from renewable plant-derived ingredients. This 50-grain vinegar has already been diluted with distilled water and is ready to clean with.

Directions: use to REMOVE sticky glue • smells from garbage • wrinkles on clothes • soap scum • odors to CLEAN glass • cookware • coffee maker • toilets • rust stains • driveways • patios  • to POLISH copper • pewter • brass • chrome • metal  • to UNCLOG drains • shower heads • to LOWER pH of soil and water  • to SOFTEN fabrics in laundry

Comes in a Dharma+Dwell 16oz refillable glass container with sprayer. This product can be refilled at the Webster Groves shop or at any local refill shop. 

End of Life: Reuse, refill, or recycle

IngredientsOrganic 50-grain white vinegar, Charcoal-Filtered Deionized Water

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