Sustain Yourself

Sustain Yourself - Grapefruit Bar Soap

Our luxurious, ph-balanced bars of soap are hand-crafted with natural, organic, vegan, and palm-free ingredients. Enjoy a plastic-free, silky, lathery bar that is safe for your skin and the environment. Use for hands and body. Grapefruit and bergamot offer an uplifting scent, along with upcycled orange peel powder that we add to this bar from the organic oranges we eat ourselves. We save the peels, dehydrate them, and pulverize to add to this formula. The peel powder provides a gentle exfoliation to the skin while the naturally occurring essential oils in the peels add a nice, additional fragrance to the soap. Our bars are delicately made with a 6-week cure time. All our bars come package-free.

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