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Agave Woven Soap Bag Exfoliating Scrubber


Loose-woven agave fiber provides just the right amount of scrubbing on the body. Agave is a plant native to the southern Americas and is grown for a variety of uses including ropes, mats, rugs, even tequila and mezcal. This medium-soft fiber woven bag is suitable for daily exfoliation of the body.

This Agave fiber exfoliating bag also helps provide a longer life to soaps by letting you use tiny soap scraps (just stuff your scraps in the bag), and helping the soap dry fully between use.

Sustainable Swap
Synthetic plastic/mesh shower loofah/puff.

How to Use
Place soap bar or soap scraps in the bag, wet the bag and scrub the body with the bag in the shower. When finished scrubbing, rinse bag lightly and hang to dry where it will dry fully between uses.

End of Life
This item is 100% compostable and biodegradable (so, bury it in your garden!).

Agave fiber.


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