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Stainless Steel Tea Strainer / Infuser


Stainless Steel Tea Strainer and Tea Leaf Filter How To Use Our Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Filters are the perfect fit for any loose tea leaf size.

Simply open the ball and pour in a scoop of tea leaves, close it and let it simmer in hot water until the desired taste is reached! Let's skip all the single-use plastic-filled tea bags and switch to the basic tea experience! 7" in length 2" in diameter for the ball

+ These mighty infusers are stainless steel, promising longevity and ensuring the purest flavors in every cup.

+ Versatile Design: this tea infuser is designed to fit all kinds of mugs and teapots, making it your go-to tool for brewing loose tea leaves, herbal blends, and even aromatic spices!

+ Fine Mesh Filter: Say goodbye to floating tea debris! The fine mesh filter traps even the tiniest tea particles, delivering a smooth and delightful sipping experience.

+ Easy to Clean: Cleaning up is a breeze! Simply rinse the infuser under running water or pop it in the dishwasher for a quick, hassle-free cleanse.

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