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Greenwood Cemetery Donations


🌱 Join us in supporting Greenwood Cemetery this Juneteenth, as we come together to help preserve and uplift this historic place. Greenwood Cemetery in St. Louis holds a significant place in history and serves as a final resting place for many individuals who have shaped the city's cultural and social landscape. Established in 1874, the cemetery spans over 42 acres and encompasses a diverse range of burial sections, including areas dedicated to veterans, religious communities, and prominent African American figures.

🌿One of the notable aspects of Greenwood Cemetery is its historical importance to the African American community. It became a burial ground for African Americans during an era of segregation when they faced limited options for burial sites. Many prominent figures from St. Louis's Black community, including activists, educators, and business leaders, found their rest at Greenwood Cemetery. Their stories and contributions continue to inspire future generations. Greenwood Cemetery serves as a reminder of the resilience, strength, and historical significance of the Black community in St. Louis. It stands as a place for reflection, education, and a testament to the ongoing struggle for equality and justice.

Sadly, this past October, it was the victim of senseless violence where over 30 headstones were damaged, property was set on fire, and benches were smashed. Though the perpetrators were arrested, Greenwood still needs help restoring the cemetery back to its former glory.

Starting today till the 26th, we’ll be donating 10% of all online and in-person sales to support the cemetery. We’ll also be accepting monetary donations in-store!

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