Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet - Rose Geranium Conditioner Powder

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A water-activated concentrate that goes from powder to lotion in the palm of your hand. Our conditioner concentrate is ideal for anyone who craves a low-waste hair routine, but hasn't had luck with conditioner bars. Made with softening aloe and marshmallow, the 100% plant-based conditioner powder softens and detangles locks, while imparting vital moisture. The scent is a sweet floral and the texture when activated is similar to a lotion-based conditioner. Combine with our shampoo powder for a pow(der)ful pair. PACKAGING: 2 oz in metal bottle USE INSTRUCTIONS: Soak your hair. Sprinkle a half teaspoon or so into hand. Wet the other hand, then rub hands together to activate the foamy lather. Spread and massage through hair. Rinse. Keep water out of container. The lotion doesn't have to be perfect in your hands, when you add it to your soaked hair, you'll be adding more water to the formula and the texture will get better and better.

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