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Plant-Based Perfume: 1oz/30mL Spritz Bottle / Rose Patchouli + Amber

Our phthalate free fragrance blends are carried in organic sugarcane alcohol for a gentle fragrance that will last all day. We crafted these perfumes after we came up empty handed in our search for a refillable, natural perfume. All of our scents are available in 8 or 16 ounce bulk refills as well, perfect to refill customers bottles in your refill shop! An 8oz refill will refill 8 bottles, and a 16oz will refill 16. MSRP for bulk refills is $20/oz. We discourage allowing customers to self-serve this high value refill. A guide and funnel will be included with bulk refills. Refill packaging is returnable for a closed loop product.

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