The Last Object

Reusable Swab


These sustainable swabs last for up to 1,000 uses. Clean with soap and warm water - dishwasher safe!

*packaging may vary*

Sustainable Swap
This reusable swab replaces single-use cotton swabs. 

How to Use
The Basic LastSwab is used the way a traditional q-tip is used. Beauty LastSwab is used to take off makeup from the eyelids and blend makeup. LastSwabs should be cleaned with soap and water between each use.

End of Life
This product has a fully biodegradable case. if you decide to get rid of it, the swab itself can be incinerated.

The swab ends are made of the rubber-like material TPE, and the rod is made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber. The case comes in two versions and is either made of the plant-based material PLA, or of recycled ocean-bound plastic.

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