Tulsi + Rose Calming Facial Toner


While boosting the results of your skincare and balancing your skin's pH, this calming toner helps smooth fine lines/wrinkles, reduce redness and lighten dark spots. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

Skin Types: Formulated for dry, dull, and combo skin. 


Star ingredients:

Tulsi: Rich in antioxidants and adaptogens, Tulsi offers unparalleled benefits for your skin. Its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help soothe irritation, making it an ideal companion for sensitive or acne-prone skin.


Renowned for centuries for its natural beauty-enhancing properties, rose extract takes center stage in our formula. Rich in antioxidants, it helps combat free radicals, protecting your skin from environmental stressors that contribute to premature aging. The gentle astringent properties of rose assist in tightening pores, providing a refined and smoother complexion.


Directions: After cleansing and before applying serum, spritz toner directly onto skin and let it absorb. Or use it anytime your skin needs a refresh! 


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Rose Hydrosol, Tulsi Hydrosol, propanediol, Ethylhexyl glycerin, potassium sorbate.

Our products are 100% natural + never made with parabens, sulphates, PEGS, phthalates, silicones or mineral oil. Our products are never tested on animals.

Comes in a 4oz glass bottle with spritzer. 

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