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U.Bag Crossbody Bags - The Viv Goods

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This Multi way bag can be worn as a cross body bag or as a hip bag, simply by moving the metal clasp up or down a loop in the paracord strap. Each bag is one of a kind as it has been cut from a retired paraglider! This material is water resistant, but not 100% water proof.

Details: The Bag measures 20cm wide and 17cm deep.

Sustainable Swap

Diverts perfectly useable ripstop nylon from damaged paragliders from landfills!

How to Use

These little bags are perfect for dog walks, bike rides and errands around the city. They are so lightweight its easy to forget you are wearing it.


Metal swivel clasp attached to a nylon paracord strap that is adjustable in length. If the loops aren't small enough for your waist, simply tie a knot in the cord and clip above the knot for the perfect fit.

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