Meet The Maker: A Conversation With Molly Svoboda From Boda Clay

Welcome to my new series, Meet the Maker! While Dharma + Dwell appears to be the work of just me, this little shop would not be possible without all of the makers, creators, innovators and other small business owners I partner with. Over the next few months, I will be featuring those we collaborate with in this mini-interview like series of posts. Our first conversation will be with Molly Svoboda from Boda Clay. If you aren’t familiar with her work, you can find her here (Instagram) and here (website). Enjoy!

What drew you to working with Dharma + Dwell?

Molly: Sustainability is incredibly important to me. I am so encouraged by the recent innovative products in the market that cut back on waste. In my studio, I do my best to minimize waste by conserving water (which is used throughout the creation process), reclaiming clay, and using a safe, non-toxic glaze. Jordan is helping our local community to take sustainability a few steps further by providing convenience and encouragement. I was eager to work with her!

 What drew you to working with Boda Clay?

Jordan: When I first came across Boda Clay, I was immediately attracted to her neutral and earth-toned pieces. As I followed her work, I learned of her purpose to create pieces that promote a slow and intentional lifestyle. Her mission really resonated with me, so when I started thinking about ceramic products for Dharma + Dwell, I knew that I wanted them to be designed and created by Molly. I was ecstatic when she said yes. I was even more pleased when I saw the final outcome! 

 Why are ceramics the sustainable choice?

Molly: I believe that choosing high quality and timeless pieces for your home is one of the best places to start in reducing your waste; rather than choosing something that you will later swap out without thinking twice. 

Jordan: On most weekends, you will find me browsing a local thrift store. And more often than not, you'll see me walk out the door with a vintage ceramic piece. I have always found ceramics to be both charming and purposeful, whether it is the vintage ceramic planter I used as a soap dish or the small bowl I use to place my jewelry in. In some cases, these items were created over a decade ago (or more!). There is something I find really special about an item that can transcend generations and remain just as useful (and beautiful). As Molly said, not all items are created to last. Ceramics, made of natural elements such as clay, are extremely durable. When designed thoughtfully, they can also serve multiple purposes regardless of their intention. This allows for the item to be used over and over in a variety of ways enhancing the longevity of the product, too. 

Molly: Oh I love thinking about people using my work decades from now! What a special perspective. 

What is your favorite Boda Clay & Dharma + Dwell collaboration piece? 

Jordan: It's tough to choose, but I absolutely love the soap dish, it is so unique compared to any other design I have seen. The grooves allow for the water to drain away from the soap and prevent it from staying wet (which helps it last longer). It pairs really nicely with our dish washing soap block for your kitchen or as a place to rest your shave soap

Molly: Oh man! I was very happy with how everything turned out. This collaboration is a slightly more simplified/ modern take on the work that I normally make. I have been wanting to make the utility crock and soap dish for a long time-- so it was exciting to have an excuse. I played with a lot of different designs for the soap dish. Many of them lacked the proper functionality or were very complicated to execute. This design seemed like the perfect balance and I love that it can double as a coaster.

What other items would you pair with the Boda Clay & Dharma + Dwell collaboration line? 

Jordan: So glad you asked! Although the utility crock could be used to carry almost anything, I use it for our kitchen. When I reached out to Molly for this piece, it was because I didn't have a space to place my kitchen cleaning brushes. I felt like my sink was getting so cluttered. The utility crock is now the home for my liquid dish soap and a variety of wooden dish brushes

I would pair the match striker with our Little Lemon Candles collaboration candle, "Girl, let's talk trash." We go through so many plastic lighters, this item was a result of a small change I wanted to make in our home (using matches instead).

Oh, I forgot how much I enjoy the sponge holder! We use this to house our upcycled unsponge

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