Meet The Maker: NOT MAKEUP's Jenny Murphy


I don't know about you all, but as soon as I started working from home my beauty routine became a bit simpler. By that I mean, non-existent. It felt like such a waste to put on a full face of make-up with no where to go. Anyone else? Then suddenly my co-workers wanted everyone to turn on their cameras during work meetings. Nothing like testing your confidence than a camera inches from your face while you have no makeup on! Several weeks later I found NOT MAKEUP by Jenny Murphy, a local plant-based makeup (yet, not makeup) brand. These products are exactly what I needed for my virtual meetings. Made with the greatest of intention, compostable packaging, and the perfect amount of color and glow for a natural yet put together look. When Jenny mentioned the opportunity to work together, of course I said YES!

...and then asked Jenny to have virtual coffee and participate in a brief interview. Check out her responses below, I think you'll enjoy hearing from her!

What led to the creation of Not Makeup?

I started NOT MAKEUP because I've never been a makeup-wearing gal, but I wanted a minimalist and all-natural way to add a little color to my lips and cheeks. After almost a decade of making natural beauty products for myself, friends, and family, I finally decided to share my perfected recipes and create an accessible beauty brand that brings together my passions for plants, design, and sustainability. 

How do you define and practice sustainability at Not Makeup?

Two of the biggest things NOT MAKEUP focuses on is the ingredients we use and the packaging of our products.  You'll see that the magical stuff in our products is, when-possible, organic, wild-harvested, and locally-sourced. Our packaging is completely compostable -- making it zero-waste.  

Why is sustainability important to you and your business?

I take into deep consideration the impact of every decision I make for my company because I understand that I'm also making the decision for my customers, my community, and the earth. 

What makes Not Makeup unique or different from other makeup brands?

That pop of plum and bold bronze you'll love spreading on your skin comes straight from plants. Roots, seeds, petals and more create the all-natural color that sets NOT MAKEUP apart from other natural beauty brands.

What are some of the challenges that you see or face in the makeup industry?

It's so easy to pick up a tube of mascara, eyeshadow palette, or nail polish at the store, but in the end we just create drawers and countertops full of more plastic stuff! The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year that will end up in the landfill. Not only do we need to start thinking about new ways to get the products we need without plastic packaging, but we also need to start thinking more critically about what is essential to put on our bodies and faces everyday. Making a minimalist makeup routine the new norm is my vision for the future! 

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